Red Deer

Stags: 1st July to 20th October
Hinds: 21st October to 15th February

Red Stags

Stalking Red Deer Stags in Scotland is certainly a very special experience and the one you won’t forget. It is a unique, challenging and satisfying form of stalking. Taking place in the beautiful and stunning Scottish Highlands, with its
fantastic scenery, it is one of the last natural wildernesses left in Europe.

We have access to woodland red deer stalking but most takes place on the hill. Stalking normally takes place from July to October 20th.

NB: A certain level of fitness is required for anyone hunting Red Deer.

Red Hinds

Red Deer Hinds is equally as challenging stalking as the Stags. Normally more than one beast can be shot in a day. Considering hind stalking is done in the winter months, suitable clothing is essential. Plus stalkers require a certain level of fitness to take to the hill.