Roe Deer

Bucks: 1st April to 20th October
Does: 21st October to 31st March

Roe Bucks

Here in Fife, we have the very best quality of Roe Bucks. At Deer Scotland, we have a passion for Roe Deer and take pride in the proper management of Roe Deer on our stalking grounds with selective shooting, to achieve the very best quality trophies possible.

The best time to achieve your dream is to arrive in April or May before the vegetation grows too thick, which makes stalking difficult. Alternatively, exciting stalking can be had during the rut, 3rd week of July until the middle of August. Occasionally, we can also stalk for a few weeks in June.

Normally guests would arrive on a Monday, stalk with us until Friday or Saturday to give you the best opportunity to obtain your dream Buck if you are lucky. 8 outings are the norm, more if you stay longer (morning and evening).
On average 4 Bucks will be obtained in the week. Your guide will identify which beast to shoot, and may pass certain animals until a shoot-able Buck is found.

Trophy cleaning will be done for a nominal fee, to enable an accurate CIC measure. Quality medal heads can be assessed by a certified CIC assessor in Scotland if required.

Roe Does

Roe Doe management is as equally important as Roe Buck management to ensure a healthy population of deer plus ensuring the sustainability of the ground. This of course is done in the winter months October 21st to March 31st, providing exciting stalking and the chance to shoot more than one beast in a stalk is often possible.

Roe Does can make a challenging quarry for the experienced stalker and novices alike. We are indeed very keen on encouraging novices and other new participants to deer stalking in Scotland.