Sika Deer

Stags: 1st July to 20th October
Hinds: 21st October to 15th February

The Sika Deer is very elusive and shy. It is the most challenging and frustrating
Deer to stalk, but at the same time, most exciting as you never know what is
going to be around the corner or crossing the rides in these dense fir woods.

Your day starts at the first light, stalking around the edges of the woodland
or on the roads or rides in the forestry. We usually stop for breakfast around
10:30. Following a good rest, we go out for the last 3 or 4 hours of daylight.

The Sika rut is something to witness. When they start whistling it makes the
hairs on the back of your neck stand up. They can only be 20 metres away, but
sometimes you wouldn’t be able to see them, just hear them. This is when
you feel your heart racing at a thousand beats a minute and the adrenalin
pumping, just waiting for it to step out of the trees.

Stalking is usually 1:1 with a guide; high seats or boxes are another option we
can use as some of these can be very productive.

It is not unusual to shoot some big Sika Stags where we stalk, for the same
price. There are no hidden charges.